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Sat Oct 8 20:27:39 CDT 2005

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>   Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 19:19:54 -0500
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>Someone wrote....
>>> I've been watching Ebay for one for over a year and
>>> there have been NONE
>>> listed. I guess their owner's don't want to part
>>> with them.
>Actually, I saw an HP Logic Dart on ebay maybe.... six months ago or so.
>Jay West

My use of logic dart was not aimed at the HP device but a lesser
but similar varient.  That name came from back when in a shop I ran
many years ago one of the techs like to call the logic probe a 
"logic dart".  Little did I know then.  Tom was bit of a klutz and
could trip sitting down so..  The story behind it was that one time
he asked for "it" and ended up getting darted (stick) in the inner 
upper thigh because of a fumble dropping it on his lap.  The 
descriptive name sorta stuck[sticks]. The one we used around the
shop for minor logic work in scanners and the like was an Eico product
had been modded with a sharp stainless point (aka Dart!). 

I still remember the look on his face when it happend.  Can you say
a near miss?  He almost did.  

Now, all the pundits can have fun.  Remember _logic dart_.


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