TEC FD-50x drives - known issues?

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Sat Oct 8 20:51:46 CDT 2005

>Well some comments.  I used to have a lot of them, most all ahve died.
>I regard that particular drive as junk.

Agreed completely.

>The size problem.. I've encountered it with NS* Horizon and Advantage.
>However I put FD55BVs in the NS* after moving the rectifier as I 
>prefer them for reliability.
>I found a few PC 360k drives (48tpi) marked Newtronics D503 which are
>Mitsumi drives that seem ok and are the shorter length (7-3/8"). 
>They look like the TEC drives but not quite.  
>I have toshiba, FD55xx(B, E, F and Gs) and they are the same length.
>Older 286/386 PCs are the source of many of the TEC and mitsumi drives.

In this case the attempt is to keep the machine as original as possible.
I think replacing the drives is not too bad, however to put in a drive
with the data connector in the "wrong" place will require modification
to the interface board in the back of the disk enclosure, which I think
he would prefer not to do.

I've found a few Newtronics/Mitsumi HD drives which will fit (Data
connector is on the back left corner when drive faces you) ... one
option I am considering is to see if I can modify the motor control
board to go to 300 rpm (as far as I can tell there is no jumper) and
strap Pin2 to keep the drive in low-density mode - I can regen and
copy the disks to 80 track... But something more original would be
preferable if I can find it... Do the Newtronics DD drive have the
data connector in the position I described?

Note that it's not so much a size problem, as the fact that there is
a little board directly behind the drive with 1" cables for the data
connectors - you simply can't put in drives with the data connector
on the other side (which is where most of the drives I have put it).

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