PCs that support only one floppy drive in hardware

Roger Merchberger zmerch at 30below.com
Sun Oct 9 12:38:15 CDT 2005

Rumor has it that Chuck Guzis may have mentioned these words:

>(I'm bundling XP/2000 under the heading of "NT" because there's not a 
>whole lot of difference between the flavors at that level.  Remember that 
>betas of 2000 were called "NT 5.0").

[[ Beta-Schmeta ]]

 From my Winders 2K command prompt:

Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]

Windoze XP is NT Version 5.1. The only differences is it plays more games, 
looks uglier (unless you turn it all off, like I do), and takes more 
memory... ;-)

>Where you'd have problems is with MS-DOS utilities that access the drives 
>directly and expect to program an 8237 DMA controller.  Many such 
>utilities have DMA 2/IRQ 6 hardwired.

Right, but on those mobos where you can set that specifically, it *might* 
just work.

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