8" floppy system needed to recover old game data

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On Sat, 8 Oct 2005, Doc Shipley wrote:

>    The idea is that the carrier will be much more careful if a package
> is insured for $big_num.


>    Of course, *every* item is handled with the same care (wink wink, nod
> nod), but strangely enough I've never had a shipment damaged that was
> insured for over $250.

I assume this is encoded somehow on the shipping label so that the drivers
and handlers can determine how many feet they are allowed to drop a
package from?

The ASR32 I shipped to NY came out OK.  For shipping, the teletype was
separated from the base and each part was packed in its own box.  The TTY
was insured for $1000 and the base for (I think) $350.  The TTY was fine.
The base was OK too, but had obviously been mishandled.  I mounted a
large and fairly heavy power supply in the base to power the loop.  I was
only able to put two bolts into the P/S so I shored it up by wedging some
styrofoam into the base against the P/S.  Somewhat shoddy, I admit, but if
it'd been handled with even a modicum of care then it should not have come
loose as it did (one screw mount was ripped from the P/S).

Perhaps the TTY fared better because I put a "FRAGILE" sign on that
package.  I did install the transit screw into the typing unit.

Which brings up another bitch.  Aside from the shoddy design of the
teletype overall, couldn't they have designed it to not require a bolt be
installed for shipping or moving the unit?


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