CP/M on an Apple II ?

Hans Franke Hans.Franke at siemens.com
Mon Oct 10 08:08:38 CDT 2005

Am 8 Oct 2005 1:22 meinte Brent Hilpert:
> So I was listenting to a radio play (a police investigation/drama) on the CBC
> (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) today in which the plot centred around recovering
> data (the offshore bank account #, how cliche) from the dead guy's ancient
> Apple II/e.

> (The dead guy was apparently like a lot of people on this list: still used an
> old machine for his main/daily computing  ...just so you all know you're
> actually getting portrayal in the popular arts :/ )

> Well, that went by me OK, then they threw in the plot twist: the guy wasn't
> using the standard OS, he was using an oddball system which was going to make
> the data recovery more problematic, that system being CP/M. At this point my
> pedantic-critic bells went off. So somebody either confirm my pedanticism or
> show me up as the ignorant one: nobody ever bothered to rewrite CP/M (which to
> my understanding was all targeted to Intel procs) for the Apple II did they?

There was a little thingy called the Microsoft Soft Card. Basicly
a Z80 that did put the Apple in DMA-Mode and took over the system.
very crude and simple hardware, effective speed was somewhere arround
1.5 MHz, since after each Z80 instruction, the 6502 got one cycle to
refresh its registers. MS did sell the card in a package with CP/M
and Basic or Fortran.

Yeah, those where the good old days when using microsoft products
was cool - or at least o.k. from a geeks view.

The basic I/O was done via a switchback to the 6502.

> ... maybe the scriptwriting 'computing consultant' figured it would be a good
> inside joke, ... maybe it's somebody on this list!

Nope, it seams like a rare case where script writer did
realy use technology without screwing it up. 

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