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Mon Oct 10 12:52:09 CDT 2005


Richard A. Cini said:
> All:
> 	There's a listing on eBay for ASCII art TTY printouts (#8707360741)
> and it raised an interesting question. I remember as a kid going to my
> father's office (he worked for New York Telephone in New York City) at
> Christmas and they had various computer systems that they let the kids play
> on. One of them (I don't remember which) had a program to print calendars.
> In the eBay listing, there's a Snoopy Red Barron calendar, which I
> distinctly remember printing out.
> 	What program would have made this calendar and is one still
> available, somewhere, that I could run on Windows or through something like

I have a few ASCII art pics as BASIC listings, and as plain text files,
including Snoopy and Spock (both on the wall behind me, on green lined
paper naturally...).  Adding the calender part could be done in unix with 
cal, of course.  
I could easily email 'em to you.  There's a website somewhere with a whole 
load of them, but I forget the url.

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