Intel 80C186/80C188 Evaluation Board? Re: Single Board Computers

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Oct 10 21:23:55 CDT 2005

On 10/10/2005 at 3:29 PM Joe R. wrote:

>Speaking of SBCs. Does anyone know anything about an Intel 80C186/80C188
>Evaluation Board?  

Can't help with the evaluation board, but the mention of the 80186 reminds me of a system I worked on (Durango Poppy) using one (an added 80286 was an option if you wanted to run Unix).

It's a great chip for its time with DMA done the right way and lots of I/O pins.  Unfortunately, any programs that play with PC hardware are doomed to failure.

I've got a little FAX receiver box that was designed to fit between a printer and a PC and would either print FAXen as received or store them on a DOS-formatted 1.44MB floppy drive that was part of the unit.  It uses an 80C188 and I recall looking at the 27C256 BIOS and noting that it implemented many of the PC BIOS calls, particularly those for diskette I/O. It has 256K of RAM.   The thing isn't much bigger than a floppy drive and is powered by a wall wart.  It'd make a neat little CP/M-86 system if I ever got around to programming it.

But this brings up a question--how many early non-PC PC's are there wandering around?  IOW, things that have the ability to run a full operating system, but aren't PC's per se.  My DSL model is certainly one--runs Linux (just telnet to it and you get a login). 


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