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woodelf bfranchuk at
Wed Oct 12 10:23:23 CDT 2005

John R. Hogerhuis wrote:

>Is it possible to make executable code which is resistant to bit errors?
>Say just assume X86... is it possible to write some minimal bootstrap
>code that can tolerate errors in itself, but run long enough w/out
>crashing the machine to decode a secondary boot loader that is padded
>with error correcting code? That initial bootstrap code can be
>inefficient as hell...
It is not bit errors that is the problem -- It is all the windows crappy 
Before windows you only had a few real I/O devices  -- broken serial port,
broken printer port,  crummy Floppy ,  some  custiom BIOS Hard Drives and
a few other HD types.  Now look at all the  GUI stuff you need just to 

>-- John.
PS -- Is computer controled RNA by a sythnetic ORGANIC computer software
software or hardware?  The X-files Cell type :)

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