OT && !OT Apple Warning

John Allain allain at panix.com
Wed Oct 12 15:01:37 CDT 2005

similar situation here obtaining Macs.

incr TOPIC
Can OS9 or OSX CD's be obtained cheaply yet?

> Dammit, I'm still mad that Apple's OS install can so f$&&ht up their own 
> semi-current machine...  Apple should never again be able to bitch about
> anything Microsoft...

incr TOPIC
I was playing around with the Open Firmware monitor
blindly once and got the feeling that it could Easily
modify the first few bytes, EG if you typed in a few
hexadecimal digits and hit return.  Maybe not, but
it turns out that Apple does put out some really nice 
Tech guides.   Open Firmware parts I, II and III :

John A.

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