PCs that support only one floppy drive in hardware

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 12 11:18:42 CDT 2005

> I'm sitting here looking at a TEAC FD-55GFR 5.25" floppy drive with a 
> TEAC-branded SCSI daughterboard mounted on it.  Picked this thing up for a 
> buck at a flea market and don't know much about it.  Anyone else familiar 
> with it?  I'm not even sure if this is a HD drive.

The _drive_ is HD, I am not sure what the controller can do, though. The 
suffix letters of Teac drive numbers seem to indicate the specs as 
follows : 

A : 40 cylinder single-sided
B : 40 cyclinder double sided
C : 77 cylinder single sided (??? I have never seen this)
D : 77 cylinder double sided (??? or this)
E : 80 cylinder single sided
F : 80 cylinder double sided
G : 80 cylinder double sided, 360RPM, high density (1.2M for PCs)
H : 80 cylinder double sided, 300RPM, high density (1.44M for PCs)


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