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William Donzelli aw288 at
Thu Oct 13 22:43:59 CDT 2005

> EBay bashing is right. If they wont police sellers who wont send you
> what you bought who the hell cares if they get pissed off

Why? Because blanket Ebay seller bashing hurts the honest dealers like
myself (and yes, most dealers BY FAR are honest). Every time someone
bashes, it hurts my business in a very small, but very much there way, and
that bothers me.

Dealers get into dealing given a bad reputation from the start - sort of
an Original Sin. We have to shed that, and honestly, it is hard
work. Buyers can be easy to deal with, but there are enough that are never
satisfied, and a big pain in the rear, but we still have to treat them
right. Yes, it would be easy to cheat and steal, but somehow most of us
actually do not do it.
> I dont think I care what they think. I do care that Ebay wont cull them
> so we have to have this silly discussion and the sellers were people
> whose opinion mattered

Actually, Ebay does cull out bad sellers and buyers. However, enough are
still in the system.

William Donzelli
aw288 at

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