MPX-16 census

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at
Fri Oct 14 07:17:02 CDT 2005

Tony Duell wrote:

> s/Mr/Dr/ 

Oh, sorry

> :-)
> You do realise that I wrote the >> bit above. I have never tried making 

No, I missed that bit.

> more than double-sided PCBs by hand. And for 1-off prototypes, where 
> typically I want to try something, get it working, then move on to the 
> next bit, I don't want a PCB anyway. It's possible to hand-wire stuff 
> well up into the low 100's mf MHz range if you are careful. The main 

I bird's-nest pretty much all my experimental RF stuff, either on scrap 
unetched circuit board or thin sheets of tinned steel.


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