OT: Language for the ages

Bob Bradlee Bob at BRADLEE.ORG
Sat Oct 15 17:10:51 CDT 2005

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 12:12:23 -0700, Chuck Guzis wrote:

>On 10/15/2005 at 10:31 AM Fred Cisin wrote:

>>It appears to be a subset of Egyption hieroglyphics,
>>and is obscure enough that there will be few attempts
>>to program in it by people ungamiliar with the language.

>Is there any other language that suffers as much from the "one liner"
>syndrome--that is, the perverse pride of being able to do something obscure
>with a single unreadable line of code?

>LISP maybe?

I'l take that bate :)  nested (mapcar (lambda's in a tight recursion ...
Oh what I would give for a goto some times :)

Perl is much worse....


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