Need help with a BA11-K power supply

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at
Mon Oct 17 18:41:50 CDT 2005

Well, I decided to take another crack at getting my 11/34 system working
again.  Currently I've still got some problems with it - firstly though, the
power supply.  It blew when I hooked one of the front panel switches up to
it, though nothing seemed to be wrong as far as what I could tell from all
the diagrams.

Right now the disassembled BA11-K box is sitting in my living room taking up
space.  Now, when the PSU blew, I was able to notice that the spark came
from what LOOKED like the portion that the power cord comes from.I looked at
the traces under a magnifying glass, and couldn't see anything wrong, and I
can't smell anything. I checked all the fuses, those seem to be sound.

In any case, when hooked up to nothing, the fans don't even kick on.

Can anyone give me a test process I can go through to diagnose the problem,
or would anyone here be willing to look at the power supply for me if I
shipped it to them?

As it is, I have this dead machine doing nothing and my girlfriend keeps
pestering me about it every time she comes over because it doesn't work.

In any case, I'd appreciate any help that could be given to me!


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