OT: Language for the ages

Gil Carrick gilcarrick at comcast.net
Mon Oct 17 19:06:00 CDT 2005

At one point at Four-Phase Systems I wrote a PILOT system. It was not
compiled, just interpreted. It was used in early research in building
Computer Assisted Instruction. The main purpose was to automate the
development of courseware. It has been 25 years or so, but I seem to recall
the ability to create multiple choice questions. You could associate a
branch with each wrong answer, so a good course developer could tell what
your error in understanding was and lead you back to the right path. It
never made product status. Education didn't have the money for those systems
anyway. It was just something for me to do between meetings. 

There were other smaller systems that supported it, I think, but I am not
specifically aware of any.


> Eh.  Where was PILOT actually used?  It just seems so damn icky to me.
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