A BDU's is born every minute ...

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> On Mon, 17 Oct 2005 10:20:31 -0700, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> >Mark my words--the audiophile fringe will be dunking CD's in liquid N2
> >day now...
> We had a customer bring in a system several YEARS  ago with CD drive
> that would not open.
> With the aid of a paperclip and a prybar, I opened up the drive to fine a
> shattered CD inside. I took one look at it and asked what had happened
> in shock, it was shattered in a hundred pieces.
> The red faced customer sputtered something about cooling the disk so the
> would load faster ???? I cut him off short when I pointed at the remains
of the
> shattered game disk still sitting in drive, now most likely a cupholder,
with a
> comment about the destruction he caused.
> His wanted to know if he could get a replacement CD or did he have to
> a new one....    The thrills of dealing with Brain Dead Users.
> This could have been Darwin Award, he used LOX, because he did not have
> access to nitrogen. I asked why not CO2, he replied it was not cold enough
> work, he had hoped LOX was cold enough .....
> It takes all kinds ....
> Bob

LOX + porous carbon based material = explosive!

Why do some people believe everything a self described expert tells them?

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