Filters for RL02

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at
Wed Oct 19 15:23:08 CDT 2005

That's the best price I've seen so far for RL02 absolutes - I may even buy a
couple spares ;).  Speaking of filters, did H96xx cabinets usually have a
filter velcroed to the inside of the back door from the factory, or was that
something someone added to my machine?   My back door came with one.

My BA11-K box has something similar set up in the front, 3 strips of velcro
for what looks like may have been a filter.  I'm not that sure because I
never had the front panel for that particular box. 

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Gordon recently mentioned that he had a dwindling supply of absolute filters
for his RL02 drive. They are still readily available from several sources
including Air Filtration Products ( and I just ordered one from The Filter Factory
( for $28.95 plus UPS.

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