Computer speedometers

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Wed Oct 19 16:32:36 CDT 2005

You're not alone.  Among the things I'm adding to the 11/23PLUS I have, I
purchased a SCSI enclosure with several 5.25" bays.  In those bays I'll be
putting a 5.25" speaker unit hooked to a DECtalk, a pair of analog gauges
meant for PCs that have system CPU speed and fan speed readouts on them
(once I figure out how they work!) and a serially controlled readout for that shows random things like disk usage and whatnot.

It may even get neon lights underneath the cabinet, for...GROUND EFFECTS!

Alright, so I'm getting carried away, but why not?  It's my computer :)

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I was reminiscing to someone about an old GE mainframe with an analog meter
that registered Kops/sec.  I'm sure it was little more than an RC integrator
hooked to the RNI signal reading out on a voltmeter, but it seemed pretty
spiffy at the time.

Has anyone done a similar thing with their vintage systems?  On the 8080,
the M1 signal could be used; I'm not sure offhand about other processors.

I know--it's more simple amusement for a simple mind...but then, blinking
lights always fascinated me.


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