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>> >On 10/19/2005 at 10:19 PM Zane H. Healy wrote:
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>> >>OK, since there seem to be a fair amount of people into Tube audio, 
>> >>or at least with a knowledge of it.  Would someone care to explain 
>> >>the following to someone that is used to an all in one unit such as a 
>> >>Sony Receiver.  What is the purpose of separate Amp and Pre-Amps.  I 
>> >>think I understand the whole phono pre-stage, but I've yet to find a 
>> >>decent explanation of the rest, and I'm looking to switch to tubes 
>> >>for playback of records (primarily Vinyl, but I'm also interested in 
>> >>78's).
>> >
>> >Purely from memory, but I believe one generally used a separate pre-amp
>> >mostly due to hum issues.  The power supply for the preamp could make use
>> >of lower plate voltages, better regulation and DC heater supplies.
>> >
>> >Or so I think I recall.
>> >
>> >Cheers,
>> >Chuck
>> >
>> No.  Gads, creating answers revisionistically. Rare back then was a preamp 
>> with DC heaters.  Besides without the oxygen free stabilized cables how 
>> could you appreciate it. ;)
>My Dynaco preamp is from the early 60's and has a filtered DC power supply section for the heater filaments.

I didn't say nonexistant, only rare.  Dynaco was amoung the best then.
The alternate was a filiment that was balanced to ground to minimize
the amplitude of AC heater to cathode coupling, also only seen on 
quality gear.


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