Wondering which OS to use (PDP-8/A)

charlesmorris at direcway.com charlesmorris at direcway.com
Thu Oct 20 12:38:33 CDT 2005

Now that I have an apparently functioning PDP-8/A with 16K of core, and (hopefully soon) a working RL02, I am wondering what operating system would be appropriate. Currently I don't have any other input device aside from the programmer's panel and the keyboard, so naturally I need something that can be booted from an RL02...

Any recommendations? Will software written for, say, an 8/E or 8/I run on an 8/A without patching?
Could I run OS/8? TSS/8? Many years ago I used to have access to a TTY timeshared to an 8/E running Edusystem 50 (TSS/8) and would like that "feel" again...


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