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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Thu Oct 20 13:51:46 CDT 2005

>>>> 	PSHR	R2			;  Push R2 onto the stack
>>>> 	MVII		10,R1			;  Move 10 to R1
> Hmmm ... registers are numbered, and it's SRC,DEST format ... I'd
> guess ne of the later PDPs like a PDP-10 or PDP-11.

Not the 11; I know that, and the opcode names and syntax are all wrong.
(On the 11, that'd be "mov r2,-(sp)" and "mov #10,r1" (DEC syntax) or
"mov r2,*-sp" and "mov $10,r1" (Unix syntax, if I've remembered it

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