Big dollars paid for Altair 8800 on Ebay

Gary Fisher GFisher at
Fri Oct 21 07:51:15 CDT 2005

Take a look at item #8707485844
which ended on Thursday.  It went for USD $7,877.11 for a supposedly serial number 3 unit, run up by bidders from Switzerland, the US and finally the UK.  It had been heavily modified internally, with even a hard disk inside.
My question to all is that was the unit more valuable (because of the low serial number) than a later unit that had all of the original MITS cards, motherboard and powersupply?  My experience with car collectors (Corvettes), is that a unit in stock factory condition is more valuable than one that has been heavily modified.  
I suppose the buyer is going to restore the original MITS cards as it was first available, or is he going to keep it intact as it was sold to him?  It would be interesting (to me) to know peoples collecting philosophies about that.

Gary Fisher 
Tristone Capital Inc. 
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