Big dollars paid for Altair 8800 on Ebay

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You make excellent points!  

I'd do the same thing as I'd be very interested in seeing what was on that hard drive and actually running the machine in it's final re-incarnation.  But maybe I would put the new cards in an later serial number box for operating (like a nice Star Trek game or Supercalc) and put other original cards, PS, and motherboard in the serial number 3 case.  But I only have one already later model modded 8800 and didn't have nine grand Canadian either!  

(Now if it was an IMSAI, that would be another story....except for the nine grand!) <grin>

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>Now, regarding your implication, yes, a nice like new car has it's value,
>but then again, a special sub serie might even catch a higher price when
>not shiny, and then there are modifications. Thing of a Shelby GT with
>added race trim. that would definitly catch a better price than a regular
>(already expensive) Shelby GT.
>Now, the above Altair could be compared again to a hot-rodded Model T.
>Lager engine (Z80) added high performace stuff (Hard Disk) and so on.
>Such a Car has a value in itself, and restoreing it to a factory like
>version should be considered vandalism.
>> I suppose the buyer is going to restore the original MITS cards as it was
>> first available, or is he going to keep it intact as it was sold to him?
>> It would be interesting (to me) to know peoples collecting philosophies
>> about that.
>Well, tough question. As for myself, I guess I would keep it the way
>it is right now. THe usage, the add ons _and_ the fact that it's ser#3
>add together for a very unique exhibition piece. 'Restoring' it would
>take away the life and history.
>Don't get me wrong, this isn't a 'do not touch' thing, unlike some
>weired car collectors, who buy cars and let them rust on purpose, I
>would go ahead and restore (if needed) the Altair to its last working
>condition. Make it show room able, but don't take away it's history.
>If the original cards where available with the unit, I wouldn't put
>them back in, but rather use as part of a proposed displa, maybe
>mounted on a wall behind the unit.
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