Short review of $550 power cord plus a new SWTPC 6800

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at
Sat Oct 22 14:42:11 CDT 2005

Heh, yeah, that reminds me of some fun stuff I did back in the day...a
friend of mine's father was a real jerk toward me and thought he knew
everything there is to know about technology because he took a
correspondence course, so I decided to play a little trick on him.  I took
those jumpers and arranged them so that the display read "8" instead of "33"
and "n0" instead of "66" (it was a 486DX).  Then I used a program to merge
two executables into one, so I merged a program that slowed the computer
down to about 8mhz with his emm386 program.

Man, I remember when he found out, he was so angry and freaked out when his
computer ran that slow, and when he tried to hit the turbo switch it
displayed "n0"

Good times, good times *sigh*

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At 02:12 PM 10/22/2005, Fred Cisin wrote:
>Exam question:  what is actually measured by those numeric displays?

The absence or presence of jumpers on the little daughterboard, encoded as

- John

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