PDP-8/A Front Panels

jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Mon Oct 24 11:55:45 CDT 2005

woodelf wrote:

>> The other major ticket item for this project is the front
>> plate.  Anyone know where we can get those done inexpensively?
put in "metal fabrication" in your google or search engine of your
choice and at least here in Orange County, Ca it brings up all the
local choices I know of.  YMMV, but you could send drawings for
a quote to each.  A call to each place explaining how you will buy
would help you get a more reasonable quote.

They usually have the same constraint on their quoting as the board
houses do.  You actually pay the most at a board house for the holes
and cuts in a PC board than you do for the rest of it after a certain

Unless you add on premium testing, or unless you have a complicated
multi layer board with special problems with the fab, you will find
that the cost you can't reduce is the number of holes you make.

Same goes for the metal work.  Also most fab shops dont like to
set up for 5 pieces, so the price will be spread over a few pieces
for the setup, and run the cost up there.

For a professional job i'd figure that you'd pay about $50 to $100
each for 1 to 5 pieces.  Less than that would be good.


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