PDP-8 Discovery and Restoration

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Mon Oct 24 19:50:44 CDT 2005

See http://www.mixweb.com/tpeters/pix/DEC/index.html for a PDP-8i front 
panel, as well as one for a PDP-11/05 and an 11/34. Any use?

At 12:26 AM 10/22/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Folks.
>Being a student of Engineering at Carleton University, every day I walked 
>by an old PDP-8 that was on display in the halls. However, over the years 
>it got bashed up and abused, since there was nothing protecting it.
>Recently, I spoke to the chair of the department, and he (excitedly) 
>agreed to provide me with space and the machine to restore, in hopes that 
>the faculty could display it in its original glory (and even better if it 
>is functional!).
>I started the restoration this past Thursday. It shall be one hell of a 
>job to say the least. The machine was on display for close to 20 years, I 
>figure, and as such took quite a beating.
>One of the parts in the worst condition is the bank of switches on the 
>front. These were trashed by students walking by and playing around with 
>them over the year.
>So, the statistics for switches:
>7 Brown Switches irreparable
>4 White Switches irreparable
>6 Brown Switches reparable
>5 White Switches reparable
>2 White Switches are perfectly intact
>1 Brown Switch is perfectly intact
>Also, unfortunately, certain flipchips (according to my schematics, 
>anyways) are missing. The ADC option was installed, I know for sure, while 
>the memory parity and power control stuff was not. At any rate, the first 
>11 flipchips from rows A and B on the processor side of things are missing 
>in action.
>The following flipchips are missing:
>R302 * 2
>R002 * 5
>S111 * 9
>S603 * 2
>S602 * 2
>R405 * 2
>S203 * 2
>S107 * 3
>G209 * 3
>R202 * 3
>The power supply unit for this machine has already blown in my face once, 
>any advice on how to test/ensure that the PSU is functional?
>I'm keeping a log of my progress at http://www.cowpig.ca and would 
>appreciate any feedback people offer and any suggestions people have over 
>the course of the project.
>I'd really like to try to get this machine working. If anybody has any of 
>the parts needed, and is willing to part with them, I would greatly 
>appreciate it!

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