ID: Memorex 3266?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Oct 25 02:02:14 CDT 2005

How about this one:

I don't think they were SCSI!  


On 10/24/2005 at 11:39 PM jim stephens wrote:

>The drives appear to be part of a Memorex IBM mainframe compatable 
>system.  the drives
>may be pertec, or may be storagetek, or may be proprietary to the 
>controller that
>interfaced them to the mainframe system.
>since these are nasa mainframe tapes, let's hope that they got all the 
>data read before they
>scrapped the above hardware.  I also found numerous references to there 
>being 3490 and
>probably 3480 compatable drives on this same set of subsystems.
>also lists datarefelects computers, 
>, as having
>refurbed units, they may respond to a query about the units.
>If you could post links to the actual cables or interface connecctors, 
>that might help.
>They might be scsi, but would be differential if so, because single 
>ended was not
>allowable outside cabinets.  The pertec would probably be 2 50 pin 
>connectors, but
>there was never a really official cable, as the recent overland data 
>discussion indicates,
>and they made up their own.
>There was a storage tek drive to controller interface, and they might be 
>oem drives
>from storage tek.  That interface had three db-37 connectors and three 
>if they were following the IBM lead, they would have a pair of cables 
>into the
>controller placed to be routed under the floor.  I think one of them 
>would have
>been a channel type able, one power.

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