help requested in Arkansas rescue

Dan Williams williams.dan at
Tue Oct 25 06:35:20 CDT 2005

> That sounds like the kind of instance where if immediate evacuation is needed, a one month rental of a storage locker is the way to go.  Has anybody here ever done such a thing?  The locker could be rented for not that high a cost, and all the hardware cached there so there's a month to get it all out and the family doesn't have to deal with it and/or get upset and start pitching things.
> It could even become a cooperative thing, i.e. shares are sold to pay for storage, fuel, etc., and materials and systems that result are divided accordingly.  That said, I probably can't get to Arkansas personally to be much a part of such an operation.

> --

I got a storeage locker for that cray I picked up, as it would not fit
through the door at home. It's still there 9 months later. So unless
you have  a plan with specific timings. You are likely to just leave
it there because it's easier.


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