RX01 felt pad (Tim)

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> <br>> Much easier on an RX01.  I don't have to remove the drive.  Remove <br>> 3 screws from top board, and flip back.  Remove 8 screws on lower <br>> board and remove a few cables (remembering where they go) and lift<br>> lower board and tilt towards back of unit.  There thru two pretty<br>> good sized access holes are the heads and all.  I simply put a small<br><br>The RX02 is like that too -- in fact the drives, chassis, PSU, front <br>panel, etc are generally the same between the 01 and 02 (there is some <br>issue of a resistor on the head connector, but...)<br><br>But since the drive is so easy to remove (take off the fan plenum at the <br>back, unplug the wiring, undo 6 screws, and it comes out downwards), I'd <br>take it out. Access to the assembly is then a lot easier.<br><br>-tony<br>

I'll remember this info for the next time I have to get to the
heads or similar.  Thanks.

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