FPGA VAX update

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Tue Oct 25 20:08:43 CDT 2005

Eric J Korpela wrote:

I haven't played with FPGAs in a few years, so my info may be out of date,
but the routing software I used didn't have much to do with sorting. IIRC it

>used a simulated annealing/maximum entropy method. I would guess todays
>stuff uses a genetic algorithm in hopes of being a bit more efficient. It's
>easy enough to write IFF you have a good understanding of the chip
>internals. It's easy to run if you've got CPU[s] to burn.
>Xilinx used to have software that would run under Solaris...
They could indeed. All  I know is  the free?/low cost software is 
windows based
and the hi-priced software is windows/other.  I suspect they think if 
you are not
using a Pee Sea you have $$$ to shell out for software.

Also using a dial up does not help with the megabyte software needed for 
development.  As for my hobby CPLD work I just keep adding features to 
my designs
untill it don't fit and go back a version. :)

Back to FPGA software for the VAX, I don't see the hardware a problem
but the software could be still be one. The small PDP'S has hoards of  
paper tape
software, the  big  ones  all need a  OS.

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