FPGA VAX update

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Tue Oct 25 23:09:54 CDT 2005

Michael Sokolov wrote:

>Fortunately, I may have found an alternative solution using Altera.  Not
>that Altera is any better, but the company for which I'm currently doing
>a consulting project involving FPGAs uses Altera, and I've got Quartus
>(Altera's SW) for Linux through them.  I haven't seen it yet actually,
>I've just got an E-mail from the boss saying that the CD is on my desk
>for me to play with tomorrow.  So I'll look at it tomorrow.  I'm hoping
>that I can install it on my Linux box at the company and then copy the
>installed files to my own one (i.e., pirate it).
 From what I remember of  Altera  software , it brands  itself  to the 
HD id or the network ID.
You can edit/develop your work but you can't compile. Also I think you 
also may be stuck
with the GUI they use too. Good luck with the vax project.

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