US Sources for old ICs

woodelf bfranchuk at
Wed Oct 26 12:42:51 CDT 2005

Paul Koning wrote:

>Check out Lattice.  They have nice CPLDs, some approaching FPGA
>complexity.  Many have "easy" packaging -- no DIP but certainly PLCC.
>And there are whole series that run on 5 volts.  I've used them; the
>tools are pretty good too.  (Win only, as usual, sorry...)
I am liking the small  CPLD's more and more mainly that you don't have to
configure them on power up.
I use Atmel since I can get the devopment kit and CPLD's from Digi-Key.
It is about 120 clb's each  for the 2 chips making up the data path  and 
90? for the
unfinished control unit.

>Yes, new chips have more power pins because they have higher clock
>frequencies.  Some of them need it for current rating, too, but the
>usual reason is to keep the inductance low.  With a 100 MHz clock,
>this matters...
I allways wonder what the real clock speed is, after marketing is done 
with it. :)

>     paul
Ok , you can snicker at me ... I am using lowest speed err lowest cost 
chips, but then I just plan to
run at  6800 speeds.
PS. If somebody could sell me a low cost high speed paper tape 
punch/reader I might even
do a PDP ?? clone to stay on topic.

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