chipset pinout wanted for 82C206.

jpero at jpero at
Wed Oct 26 18:23:39 CDT 2005

Googled and can't find a datasheet.  Seems the payware website had 
cleaned out the websites where you can access datasheets before.

What I needed:

typical schematic or description of CMOS battery back up 3.6V 
rechargeable with 4069 IC and 82C206 (SiS, UMC, OPTi and C & T uses 
this 82C206) specifically chipset's pin number for battery back up to 
retain data and run clock.

I'm trying to troubleshoot typical motherboard that is not holding 
CMOS data even I do have 3.6V battery power (already checked).

Cheers, Wizard

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