It figures! (broken 9-track)

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Oct 27 18:03:45 CDT 2005

> Well, it figures.  I was bragging on the list about how great my 9 track
> worked with the DQ132, and the power supply blows.  I turn it on now, and no
> lights, nothing.
> Anyone have a clue what might have gone?  I was away when it happened.  The
> PDP11 was off, and I had left the 9 track on, plugged into the power
> control.
> The unit is an Overland OD3201.  There is no external fuse.

NEver having seen this unit, I can't offer specific help, but I would at 
least start by opening it up. Look for _intenral_ fuses, check them, but 
don't necesarily replace them if they're blown. You do want to see how 
violently they belew -- if the glass is shattered or blackened by a film 
of metak, then the the thing really took some current!

It would also be useful to know if this is a switching supply (look for 
electrolytics rated at 200V or more), or a linear (is there a large 
laminated-core transformer?). And what the main components, espeically 
ICs, are.


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