Japanese computers

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Sat Oct 29 11:49:38 CDT 2005

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> vrs wrote:
>> From: "Bob Bradlee" <Bob at BRADLEE.ORG>
>>> In the referb center we pushed them off moving vans and
>> No wonder there are so few of these machines left ;-)!
>> (I have always heard that the van should be stopped, and the machine 
>> lowered slowly :-).)
>>     Vince
> Most IBM retail kit (the stuff they use for EPOS) would survive that 
> quite happily.  You might want to reseat some cables and reboot, just 
> like we tell the people in the stores to do.

   I can attest to that.  Pat Finnegan shipped me a 7013-591 last year. 
  It's a deskside POWER RS/6000, roughly the size of a DEC BA123 
chassis.  It's a reinforced composite frame, so much lighter than a BA123.

   Patrick padded and boxed it with his usual zeal, but it arrived at my 
house looking like FedEx towed the carton to my house on a rope. 
Several of the memory boards were unseated, as were the SCSI and 
ethernet MCA cards, and the frame itself was cracked.

   The design of that system prevents any of the boards from bouncing 
around inside even after coming out of their slots.  I reseated 
everything, checked all the heatsinks and system board connections, put 
a BandAid on the frame break that's visible, and put it in service.


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