RS/6000; Was Re: Japanese computers

Doc Shipley doc at
Sat Oct 29 21:54:05 CDT 2005

Sridhar Ayengar wrote:

> Doc Shipley wrote:
>>   I can attest to that.  Pat Finnegan shipped me a 7013-591 last year. 
>>  It's a deskside POWER RS/6000, roughly the size of a DEC BA123 
>> chassis.  It's a reinforced composite frame, so much lighter than a 
>> BA123.
> That's a *very* nice machine.  That's the IBM plastic which is stronger 
> than steel.  8-)

   Yes, and by the well-known principle of "like attracts like", I now 
have 2 of them.  The second has 2GB RAM, FWD SCSI, and 10/100 ethernet. 
  It and an F40 cost me $50.

>>   Patrick padded and boxed it with his usual zeal, but it arrived at 
>> my house looking like FedEx towed the carton to my house on a rope. 
>> Several of the memory boards were unseated, as were the SCSI and 
>> ethernet MCA cards, and the frame itself was cracked.
> Time for someone to be drawn and quartered in effigy.

   Patrick shipped it signature required.  It was signed for by "P. 
Orch".  Even the FedEx claims department were not amused.  I never 
collected on the damage (because they insisted I let them pick it up 
"for instection" and that Pat file the claim, and I wasn't about to give 
them another chance to break it), but they did make the driver come 
apologize in person for leaving it without a signature.

>>   The design of that system prevents any of the boards from bouncing 
>> around inside even after coming out of their slots.  I reseated 
>> everything, checked all the heatsinks and system board connections, 
>> put a BandAid on the frame break that's visible, and put it in service.
> Excellent!

   It's awfully hard to kill an RS/6000.


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