does any read punch cards anymore?

Gil Carrick gilcarrick at
Thu Sep 1 20:01:46 CDT 2005

> >>  You should use a steam iron.
> >
> >You mean on all 30,000 of them? :)
> >
> Hi Sellam
>  Maybe one of those industrial steam irons used at the 
> commercial laundries. I was thinking that you were dealing 
> with them one at a time. For bulk, you might look into how 
> the banks iron bills. They have some method that means they 
> have some kind of machine to handle the problem. These 
> machine must be making it to scrap dealers.

Now that brings back a flash from the past. I can't remember if the context
was bank checks or punched cards, (probably the latter), but way back in the
past I remember seeing a machine that would slowly feed such a document
between a pair of rollers. The rollers had a pattern in them not unlike a
cutter that would be used to produce a crosshatched knurling pattern on a
tool handle, but the pattern was not as deep. They used substantial pressure
and would straighten the subject document right smartly. Fingers too, no


> Dwight

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