IBM 1130 on eBay Austria

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Fri Sep 2 19:20:53 CDT 2005

>From: "Hans Franke" <Hans.Franke at>
>Am 31 Aug 2005 21:58 meinte William Maddox:
>> --- William Maddox <wmaddox at> wrote:
>> > There is an IBM 1130 up for sale on eBay in Austria.
>> > The current price is 500 euros, with no bids and
>> > scarcely a day to go.
>Well, we tried to keep it in Europe (after all, it's a
>German unit), but some guy in the US did outbid us. It
>might be interesting to see how he organizes the pickup
>in Linz. From Munich it would just have been a 3 hour
>drive with a small truck :)
>VCF Europa 7.0 am 29/30.April und 01.Mai 2006 in Muenchen

Hi Hans
 I know the fellow that just won the 1130. He is a neighbor
of mine ( about 2 miles away ). He is one of the few other
people that I know of that has a Nicolet NIC-80.
 He said he'd rather have a 1620 but a 1130 will just have
to do. He has a hanger to put it in. I know he expects to
get it running. The project of getting it across the pond
is going to be interesting to follow. I'll try to get him to
take pictures and post them on his web page of his adventures.

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