Mass Memory Unit from Space Shuttle

Jeff Walther trag at
Sun Sep 4 15:05:37 CDT 2005

>Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 19:48:23 -0700

>>      I found a pile of these things this morning. They are made by Odetics
>>in Anaheim Ca. After I got home with them I realized that they are for the
>>space shuttle. Does anyone know anything about them? I THINK they use a
>>tape drive inside. I haven't opened one up yet but I saw the remains of a
>>tape drive at the same place and I think it was the guts out of one of these.

I worked at NASA JSC in the mid-80s.   Back then they definitely used 
tape drives for the mass storage on their flight computer systems. 
I don't know what they use today, whether they've changed or when any 
changes may have occured.  But back in 84 - 87 they used tape drives.

There was a thick (~3") training manual that explained the basic 
system architecture in passing.   If I still have a copy there's not 
much hope of my finding it, but if I run across it, I'll post.

Jeff Walther

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