Nashville Rescue - revisited

Lyle Bickley lbickley at
Tue Sep 6 13:02:17 CDT 2005

Several people responded to my original "rescue" notice, but folks seem to 
want boards, etc. as opposed to system units.  I'm bringing it up again - as 
I was just notified that the space where the equipment is located is now 
under a new lease contract, and the DEC gear must be "disposed of" as soon as 
possible, or it will be scrapped.  This is totally "free" gear - local pickup 
O.K., or get it for the price of shipping...


>From a historical perspective, this equipment is interesting - I was used to 
develop TSX-plus!!!  The "11/73" is an "11/03" that was upgraded to an 
"11/23", to an "11/23+" and finally to an "11/73".  The original $28K system 
was provided by DEC free of charge to TSX for software development...

Here's the equipment list: 

1 PDP11/73 processor - 1 MB memory (maybe more)
2 RL01 drives (one may not be functional)
1 RL02 drive
1 Fujitsu Winchester drive (probably around 75 MB)
2 RX02 drives
1 dual RX50 drive
1 TK50 tape unit

I believe all the cabinets are original DEC. The main cabinet is a "DEC 
DataSystem" rack about 5.5' tall. The RL02 and the Winchester are housed in 
a DEC cabinet about 3 to 4 ft tall. Finally there is the "desk" which holds 
the floppies.

PICTURES: Pictures of the what's available can be found via anonymous ftp at 
"" in the directory "nashville".

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