SGI Hardware Developer Handbook, Release 2.0 available...

Lyle Bickley lbickley at
Wed Sep 7 19:04:18 CDT 2005

For the second time in years, I've obtained a copy of the SGI Hardware 
Developers Handbook, Release 2.0 (05/97).

This book covers all SGI products from the earliest Personal Iris through the 
Origin 2000/Onyx2.  It details Chassis; Interfaces (serial, keyboard, mouse, 
parallel, disk drive, monitors, memory, graphics, video, audio, CPU, Bus, 
backplanes, network connectors, I/O Panel Plates, Drive Sleds); "hinv" output 
descriptions (complete); Software & Hardware tools, etc.

This book was created for SGI hardware designers - but is a terrific source of 
information for all SGI buffs and collectors. The copy I picked up years ago 
is worn from a great deal of use!!!

The copy I just obtained is brand new - with no markings or scratches other 
than one very minor nick on the bottom of the front cover.

Before I put it on "ePay", I decided to offer it to this list first via the 
Vintage Computer Marketplace:

I normally would not post my own auction item on this list - but this is one 
of those great finds that one seldom gets an opportunity to pick up... 

Lyle Bickley
Bickley Consulting West Inc.
Mountain View, CA

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