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> My old 701C used to do that all the time even when it was brand new, so I
> don't think it is a dirt issue.  I found that if I left my finger on it to
> long with out moving it would start moving.  I usually just pushed the
> ''nipple'  hard opposite the way the coursor was moving and it would stop.

I've got a Toshiba T2130CS here that does the same thing. My mum's got a
Compaq Evo N600C (weird thing - has a TrackPad and the Accupoint
"tit-mouse") that does it too.

I think it's some form of auto-calibration system, though it seems to screw
up a lot more than I'd like. Thankfully Trackpads aren't anywhere near as bad
(IMO). Not as good as a mouse, but good enough for computing on the go.

Seeing as we're on the subject of laptops, does anyone have any Panasonic
CF-VZS251 (I think that's the right part number...) batteries lying around?
I've got a CF-25 Toughbook here that seems to have a duff battery (I'm
getting about an hour out of it - it's a very old Li-ion). Either the Li-ion
or NiMH version would be fine (though I suspect it'll be easier to get
high-capacity NiMH cells than bodge some 18650 LiIons to fit).

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