DEC *Rainbow* stuph

Mark Tapley mtapley at
Tue Sep 13 15:04:09 CDT 2005

At 22:03 -0500 9/12/05, Chris wrote:
>From: Chris M <chrism3667 at>
>Subject: DEC *Rainbow* stuph
>I recently obtained a Rainbow 100 with a gaggle of
>disks. ... So where is the archive that has the DECUS stuph?


login as anonymous, use your email as a password

cd pub/rainbow

browse and enjoy. Hats off to the update maintainers, they rock!

More generally,

also rocks! Kudos to Jeff Armstrong for that one, and for being too 
modest to mention it in his reply (which I read after confirming the 
ftp address for update).
					- Mark
			210-522-6025, temporary cell 240-375-2995

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