Don't use "BidPay"!!!!

vrs vrs at
Wed Sep 21 11:12:55 CDT 2005

From: "Joe R." <rigdonj at>
>   Here are a couple.  I strongly suggest that anyone that buys or sells
> over the net read them.
>   <>

I have to say that that looks a lot like a shill for

> >These might all stem from before they were bought by eBay.
>   Do you REALLY expect them to be any better after the Ebay take over?
> E-bay has a long history of high handness and raising rates simply because
> they can. Ebay is a PRIVATE company and is answerable to no one so don't
> expect fairness from them.

I *do* expect them to be better after the eBay take-over.  eBay gets it's
money exclusively from sellers, and is clearly biased toward sellers.  I'd
expect that to rub off a bit on their subsidiary, over time.

Of course, to the extent that both are near-monopolies, neither will be
to do all that well by their customers.  (That said, I still think both are
providing excellent value.)


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