Restoring (and I do mean 'Restoring!') Plastic

Brad Parker brad at
Sat Sep 24 07:19:12 CDT 2005

"Gil Carrick" wrote:
>> There are many many good products for rubber and vinyl on 
>> cars.  Black again, Sonax and Meguiar products are all really good.
>> Read this:
>> Go to Car Care Specialties and read 
>> his "howto's".
>I would be a little less skeptical if this site were not selling all these
>other products.

That's a reasonable thought, but if you read his "how to's" you quickly
find out he's a total (and I mean *total*) fanatic who just happens
to have found a way to make a living from his obsession.

All I can say is I've used a number of things from his sight and I've
been really, really pleased.  He's never steered me wrong.


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