Quest for DEC LPS-40 Documentation

John C. Ellingboe john at
Sat Sep 24 19:43:04 CDT 2005

I'm not all that interested in the postscript books except it
would be nice to have a full set of applicable docs.  The
service repair guide is the main one that I need to locate.  The
host installation and management guides are probably superseded
by the newer software provided with the layered products for VMS
7.x so they aren't quite as important.  The client installation
and management guides could contain information that is hardware
specific and would be useful.

Since I have never had the privilege to install and set up one
of these printers I would rather have plenty of information.  I
also don't try to maintain a strict museum quality collection
but I do like to obtain the applicable documents to go with the
equipment that I have.

> Printserver 40 Service Repair Guide     EK-LPS40-SV
> VAX/VMS Installation Guide:
>         Printserver 40 Client           AA-HL83A-TE
> VAX/VMS Installation Guide:
>         Printserver 40 Supporting Host  AA-HL90A-TE
> VAX/VMS Management/Users Guide:
>         Printserver 40 Client           AA-FP19A-TE
> VAX/VMS Management Guide:
>         Printserver 40 Supporting Host  AA-FP24A-TE

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