Way Off Topic - was RE: interested in obtaining early workstations

A. G. Carrick gcarrick at cse.uta.edu
Fri Sep 23 13:10:14 CDT 2005

> I think I'm going to have to agree with Joe on this, and my 
> spelling is probably notorious!  At least I attempt to use 
> proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  I find email from 
> those that don't bother, or worse, purposefully mangle it, to 
> be rather painful to read.

Actually, I kind of like it in a warped sort of way. When I am asking for
applications for a Teaching Assistant who would like to work on the
department web site it gives me a very easy way to reject out of hand over
half the applicants who can't be bothered to put their best foot forward.
Some of the emails read like they were IMing a buddy. 

No class at al.


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