Odd floppy drives (was: Orbis

Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner spc at conman.org
Sun Sep 25 23:57:25 CDT 2005

It was thus said that the Great Tony Duell once stated:
> > Between the 3", 3.25", and 3.5",  the 3" does seem to be the best.
> > BUT, THAT isn't what decides what becomes the defacto standard.
> > Dysan thought that it was software availability.
> > Tony seems to think that quality is a factor.
> I think you misunderstood me. What matters _to me_ is the (design) 
> quality. I've long since realised that's generally a reason for something 
> to be non-successful. After all, the IBM PC caught on, as did VHS (in the 
> latter case, the Philips V2000 system was better designed and better built).

  If you're talking about VHS and Beta, I suspect that VHS won because the
licensor allowed the adult movie industry (read:  porn) to make VHS tapes
while Sony (holders of the Beta format) did not license their technology to
the adult movie industry (read: porn).

  Now, in reguards to that, the PC had four things going for it:  1) I 2) B
3) M 4) cheap to license.  I also seem to recall that IBM wanted too much
money to license MCA so the industry just ignored that.

  -spc (Now, had IBM licenced MCA to the adult industry (read: porn) it
	might still be a viable contender today 8-P

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