seeking connection cable for RK07 drive

Gooijen, Henk GOOI at
Mon Sep 26 06:54:01 CDT 2005

  Hi all,

I finally got to set up my PDP-11/34C with TU80 and two RK07 drives.
Given the space in my "museum", the RK07 drives are not immediately
next to the 11/34 rack.  I am looking for an RK07 cable, part number
70-12292-25 or 70-12292-40 (25 or 40 foot length).
The cable *looks* like the RL01/RL02 cable, but is not identical !
You can use the RK06/RK07 cable with RL01/RL02 drives, but not the
other way around, because the RK06/RK07 cable has a few extra pins
actually connected (which the RL drives does not need).
That's what I've heard long ago ...

If you have a 70-12292-25 or 70-12292-40 and no longer need it,
I will gladly pay or trade for it.  See my website (
for the "spare boards" list, although it is not up-to-date / correct.

- Henk, PA8PDP.

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