PalmOS no more? :(

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Tue Sep 27 15:07:50 CDT 2005

> I saw no mention of Palm's PDA line (Tungsten, Lifedrive, etc). 
> Judging from Palm's reasons given in the article, they wanted Wince's
> improved voice and call management features.  I doubt very seriously
> that Wince will be "appearing on a Lifedrive near you."

My issue is the motivation. Palm said they were doing this in order to
extend the Treo's marketshare to people who would otherwise bought a WinPhone,
but I think all this will do is fraction the Treo market so that neither the
PalmOS nor the new WinCE handsets will benefit.

I found Windows Mobile very hard to navigate in, even though (and I speak as
a Mac bigot, so grain of salt where needed) I did try to give Microsoft a
fair shake when I was in the market for a PDA. I found the interface clunky,
busy and tried to do too much. The m505 was much simpler to navigate and
operate, and I went with Palm.

I have seen little improvement in Win Mobile's usability.

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